Why choose Witness Drafting Services to help you?

We stand out because you will know personally who you are dealing with to ensure a close working relationship with a person of knowledge, experience and expertise.

We do not use field agents meaning there is no time lost in training people to the highest standard that you expect either before or during exposure to your clients.

Our statements include full and extensive details in relation to liability. They also specify duty of care, breach of the duty of care, whether the third party caused the injury and then building a case in relation to quantum.

Our statements ensure that the compensation claimable is increased to the maximum that your client is entitled to.

We primarily focus on customer care with your clients delivering you the highest quality and standard of work.

You will be provided with a bespoke service with an emphasis on quality, any requirements that you may need are included within the witness statements. In addition, you will receive a report based on how they will come across as a witness at court and their credibility. We will highlight strengths and weakness and any potential issues, following this up with a telephone call if required. The work will be completed with a quick turn around with the statement emailed directly to the handler ready to be printed.

We offer a telephone service or if required, a face to face interview*.

You can be assured that we will deal with the sensitivities of the claim with complete professionalism.

We ensure the following;

*(Subject to geographical restriction for lower value cases, not involving asbestos conditions).

One of the below may specifically apply to you and your business..

Large case load

If you have a large case load you may find that you have difficulty in getting everything done to a high standard. We can help. Using us to speak to your clients to prepare a statement will ease the burden. This provides the opportunity to focus on other areas of handling your cases.

Avoid having to pay for an additional employee

It can make much more economic sense to use an external expert to help you and your business that you can use 'as and when' instead of the burden of an addtional full time employee.

Industrial Disease

We understand the complexities of industrial disease claims with the working practices involved and establishing how, where and when exposure has taken place, including the extent, duration and frequency of that exposure.

New to industrial disease?

You may want to deal with industrial disease claims but have limited experience in ensuring you have the right information within the statement. We can help. Having a witness statement drafted to the highest standard will increase the prospects that your claim will have a successful outcome.

Reasonable fees

We are experts. That does not mean we have to be expensive. We have low overheads meaning that efficiency savings can be passed on to you. Our size means that we do not have to be VAT registered so we do not have to charge you VAT.**

At a time of ever decreasing profit margins you may consider that you want to keep your work in house, however that is a false economy. If you consider how much it costs for you to prepare a witness statement, the time taken for the handler to prepare the statement when they have other commitments, the cost of office space, as well as their IT and maintenance the cost is significant. In addition, there are potential redundancy payments to be made when the work slows down as well as the personal suffering that can attach to that. Using us helps drive productivity and efficiency gains with lower administration costs to your business. Our fees are based on each witness statement and if the work diminishes remember we are always available to you when the work picks up again.

(**Not including outsourced translators.)


Given that each case is different with unique needs we aim to provide a bespoke price for each statement drafted. Where a contract is entered into with a range of statements then standard pricing will be applied.

Where a translator is required this can be added to the cost of preparing the statement.