Services provided by Witness Drafting Services

We are specialists dealing with a wide range of witness statements, which can be over the telephone or face to face depending on the specific requirements of the case.

The areas that we cover are as follows;

Road traffic Accidents

We will ensure that if there is a particular element to the claim, such as hire charges that are being claimed that there will be specific emphasis on why the claimant has incurred those charges is fully understood to the reader.

Employers Liability (including Industrial Disease)

Where there is an accident, we will make sure that a detailed description of events is delivered. We will record the cause and any information regarding the training of the person in question.

For industrial disease we shall record if it was a result of repeated exposure to noise, asbestos, or other factors. We will ensure a detailed explanation of each situation with each employer in relation to the nature, extent, duration and frequency of that exposure.

Public Liability

We will provide detailed statements in relation to any slip or trip claim setting out exactly what happened.