Top 3 reasons why solicitors fail to use experts to draft witness statements


This is a question I often ask myself. Afterall my business is all about helping solicitors with their witness statements. Maybe you are a solicitor and wonder why you should.

  1. Solicitors may be of the view they are best placed to do the witness statement themselves. Solicitors believe they know the case better than anyone else. Except maybe they are not. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes to a claim can look at it from a different angle and see issues not apparent when they are taking statements. 

  2. A Solicitor may say ‘we don’t use expert statement drafters’, as if the centuries of legal tradition prohibits them from changing how they do things now, with the weight of history acting like a ball and chain.

  3. Solicitors may think that they want to retain as much of the costs for the work themselves. I do understand this if you are struggling to fill your day with things to do. From my experience though this is not typically the case. 

So maybe Solicitors do want some help instead of wondering how on earth they will manage to get though that big pile of post that gets bigger and bigger each day, or that huge mountain of emails that have suddenly appeared over the weekend stressing them out, all the while wondering how they are going to get on top of things before their one week holiday away and how overwhelmed they will feel when they get back. 

So perhaps an expert witness statement drafter will help settle the Solicitors cases quicker and perhaps even see their monthly costs go up. Just a thought.

18th May 2020

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