Three strategies to help personal injury solicitors during the Covid-19 crisis


It is a very challenging time for businesses that are traditionally office based and personal injury firms are no exception. With that in mind here are three strategies for personal injury firms to consider.


  1. Have a contingency plan

It is no accident that those businesses that are able to deal with this environment had a contingency plan in place to ensure that the business can continue, most notably, though the use of remote working. Being able to do this they are able to maintain a service ensuring that their clients know they care by keeping in touch. Those that mitigate the damage now will be in a better place going forwards. 


  1. Understand the resources

Everyone in the business will be reacting to the news in various ways that could impact their work. For some employees it has made little difference to their ability to perform their duties. 

For others it could be due to valid reasons such as childcare issues, or more concerning, those who find it difficult to accept the way things are now. This could be having a detrimental impact on their approach to the job and by extension on the business. The key is to understand who can relied on to drive the business forwards.


  1. Plan for the long term. 

This may involve restructuring and bringing forward changes that may not have been considered for a few years. Business owners will be looking to see how a claim can be run from ‘cradle to grave’ as effectively as possible, but without losing the value of the expertise, that has for some time already be leaving the industry. They will consider how many experts there are in their business that brings added value and how much that is relied upon.


A solicitor’s practice will look at the challenges and consider that now is the time to utilise the use of experts in order to provide input into their cases, given the changes that are affecting their business. We are here to help our clients during this challenging time and long into the future.

25th May 2020

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