How Did I Get Into Doing Witness Statements? - By Mike Stevenson


I have been doing witness statements for longer than I care to imagine. It seems now like the distant past, but I have memories of doing them when training to be a Solicitor in Manchester in the early 2000s. 


In the early days I learnt tonnes on why it was important to have a good witness statement. I did not, however, have the experience then to do the statements that I would be happy with now. 


I have one recollection of when I had instructed a firm like my own to go and see a client. I remember thinking when I got the statement from them that it was a bit limited, but I thought ‘oh well they must know what they are doing if we were using them’. However, as I got closer to the Trial, I started to get more and more nervous about not doing something about the statement that I was not really happy with. 


In the end the claim settled, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I figured I must have had a sympathetic handler on the other side. It could have been different though. Upon reflection this was a great lesson for me. It does make me wonder how many handlers who are out there are in same as situation that I found myself in given their limited experience.


As this was such a long time ago, it got me thinking. How many witness statements had I done since the start? I was amazed to work out that it must be in excess of 3,000. This just seems crazy. It’s a good job I enjoy doing them.

21st January 2020

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