About Witness Drafting Services

Witness Drafting Services is operated by Michael Stevenson, a solicitor (non-practicing), with extensive knowledge.



I have the curiosity to find out why an accident or exposure happened on a deeper level leading to me being inquisitive with the witness in the search for the truth and to be able to piece together the abstract pieces of the ‘jigsaw’ in the statement.

With nearly two decades working in private practice, and the insurance industry, with twelve of those years as a solicitor, I have drafted over 3000 witness statements in a variety of different types of accident claims.

I adopt an old school approach to perfecting what I do to make sure that I am entirely satisfied with the statement I am sending to my client. 

This coupled with not overloading myself with work means that I have the capacity to provide my service within the time constraints provided by those instructing me.

I am a perfectionist willing to take the time to ensure that I understand what I am doing and to ensure that it is done correctly and in an easy to read style.   

I have been described as ‘an independent third person, who can look at the claim objectively.'

This means that those who instruct me find they have confidence in the work that I do."



“I guarantee that you will have an individual service when taking witness statements as only I will be personally speaking to your client and witnesses.”

“In addition, my experience will assist in putting your client at ease with the assurance that their statement is being prepared by a complete professional.”

"I ensure the highest levels of confidentiality by not disclosing who I work with."